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a MEDICAL CARD is required by law.

This Weekend at Bernie's Badder was processed from unique, organically grown flower crossed between the two Hybrid strains: Freezer MAC and Skunk Shocker. This balanced Badder will leave you gloriously elevated with a haze of euphoria and stimulating visuals that make WAB best utilized to enjoy a refreshing walk in nature or zone out in front of your favorite movies! Patients should note the dank gassiness of this concentrate can definitely turn heads as this is one of the more pungent strains on-menu, and not recommended for discreet use. Users looking to alleviate loss of apetite, stress, and depression would love Weekend at Bernie's. This is one of the many new full-spectrum Live-Resin products coming from our fresh-frozen 2020 harvest! The OMG Team personally defoliated, harvested, trimmed, and loved the plants this concentrate came from over the summer, making this a product we are extra-proud to showcase! 

Thanks to @EastAnd_Eye for the incredible clones and @RoyalRiverBotanicals for the perfect processing!

Weekend at Bernie's - Badder - OMG