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Temple of the Dog is another organically grown treat from Lovelight Medicinals, brought to life after crossing U.W. Purple and Snoop Dogg 2.0 together. This Indica-dominant strain is potent, packing a sedative high best for pain management and loss of sleep. Temple of the Dog is a diesel-y strain that has a delightful flavor profile full of tropical fruits with a kush-heavy aroma. During a smoke session, users can notice a subtle scent of spices in addition to the balanced focus this Indica masterpiece brings.  As time progresses, kick your feet up and get comfortable with a few of your favorite snacks as the high slowly rolls a blanket of hazy euphoria over your entire body. This is a great choice for consumers looking to induce an apetite, relieve overwhelming stress, gain a few extra hours of sleep, or channel the spirit of Snoop himself!

Temple of the Dog - Lovelight