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Sugar Berry Scone is a delicious masterpiece, bred from the Indica-leaning Grape Pie and refreshing Hybrid Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in the sweetest and most relaxing dab around! This Refined Sugar has an irresistable sugary berry-forward aroma that translates delectably into its smoking experience, which patients report as a smooth and creamy-sweet smoke. In smaller doses, SBS's body-centered high leaves users comfortably relaxed as a great mellowness glazes over them. In higher doses, this concentrate has been known to leave patients feeling like a couch-locked, freshly baked blueberry muffin (the smoke might leave your home smelling like one too!) This is one of the many new full-spectrum Live-Resin products coming from our fresh-frozen 2020 harvest! The OMG Team personally defoliated, harvested, trimmed, and loved the plants this concentrate came from over the summer, making this a product we are extra-proud to showcase! 

Thanks to @EastAnd_Eye for the incredible clones and @RoyalRiverBotanicals for the perfect processing!

Sugar Berry Scone - Refined Sugar - OMG