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Sour Ghost Head is a pungent cross of the Sativa-dominant, heavy-hitting Sour Diesel with the well-rounded Ghost OG Hybrid. This combination makes for one uniquely energizing bud, perfect for battling stressors of the day and well-equipped to keep you buzzing long after your first toke! These Diamonds are absolutely swimming in a terpene-rich, high-THC, CBD-rich badder! SGH has a magnificent aroma of citrus and pine, backed with that classic diesel flavor. This is one of the many new full-spectrum Live-Resin products coming from our fresh-frozen 2020 harvest! The OMG Team personally defoliated, harvested, trimmed, and loved the plants this concentrate came from over the summer, making this a product we are extra-proud to showcase! 

Thanks to @EastAnd_Eye for the incredible clones and @Roya