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The Huffy Puffy Dab Kit is the best thing to happen to the portable dabbing world since...probably anything else! Whether you prefer vaping cartridges or dabbing concentrates, the Huffy Puffy is capable of satisfying both ends of the spectrum! This product combines efficiency with easy convenience, an added element of discretion and a pinch of style!


Inside every Dab Kit you'll find a few things:

First and most importantly, a Stainless Steel Wax Vape Pen complete with 510 Threading for cartridges and a Dual Quartz Coil connected to a 650 mAH Battery for concentrates, with 3 Variable Voltage Settings. You'll also find a second Dual Quartz Coil along with two complimentary dab tools and a container for your concentrates.

One of the two dab tools included is a stainless steel Huffy Puffy Breast Cancer Awareness edition dabber! Each one comes with a zinc alloy Huffy head as well as a silicone tip to help keep the dabber clean! $2 of every Huffy Puffy Dab Kit sold will be donated to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition. More information about them can be found here:


(Instructions and charger are included with every Dab Kit)



Huffy Puffy Dab Kit