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Golden Cobra is a one-of-a-kind bud that comes from crossing the classic Grape Kush and Tangie strains together, giving life to this uniquely potent Sativa! We're excited to offer this strain to patients looking for that long-lasting, energized, cerebrally uplifting HIGH high, as Golden Cobra has been known to test up to 28% THC! Visually, GC is a fluffy masterpiece of trichome crystal-covered deep forest-green buds that eagerly glitter in the light. Cracking open a fresh nug offers a tantalizing citrusy sour pine scent, and after smoking is known to release a delicious grape candy flavor complimented by herbal spices. Ganja Babes is responsible for this beautiful strain! *Non-organically grown*

Golden Cobra - Ganja Babes