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Crossed between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, Cookies Kush is as classic as it gets! This Indica-dominant Hybrid is a perfect companion to patients looking for that heavy-hitting "knock me right out" strain to pair with the end of a long day. This powerfully sedative bud typically has higher THC content paired with a generous amount of (~3%) CBD that further aids in soothing your entire body and adds an energizing Sativa-esque mentality to the euphoric heady experience.  New users should start cautiously with this strain as it can seem to pull you in two directions at once, due to the extreme sedating effects paired with a quite stimulating mental high. Long-time/experienced users can expect to enjoy a rollercoaster ride that lets you down easy with this beauty from Ganja Babes!

Cookies Kush - Ganja Babes


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