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a MEDICAL CARD is required by law.

Enjoy 4g of Lemon House Organics' beautiful concentrates, grown completely organically and guaranteed to impress new and seasoned Cannabis patients!


Botched Toe: a zesty, heavy-hitting Sativa known for its high potency. This twinkling Caviar features an entire galaxy of diamonds in every gram, swimming in a pool of tasty terp sauce that smells like a bucket of fresh-squeezed lemons.


MOB x Lime OG: a Hybrid strain, this one really covers all of your bases as it quickly delivers a focused, clear-minded head high that transitions into a tranquil, sedating body high. The sugary berry-forward flavors initially hit the palate as notes of zesty lime off-set that sweetness in a splendorous fashion. 

Botched Toe/MOB x Lime OG *Sale*

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