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Bob Ross is a cross between the uplifting Mimosa and CBD-rich Purple Orange strains, resulting in an incredibly mellow flower that's almost as inviting as the painter himself. These Hybrid Diamonds have a mango-citrus aroma that will leave you wanting so much more after tasting! We recommend this concentrate to patients looking for an uplifting and balanced high, capable of keeping you on track throughout the day with an energizing boost of clarity and giggles.

This is one of the many new full-spectrum Live-Resin products coming from our fresh-frozen 2020 harvest! The OMG Team defoliated, harvested, trimmed, and personally loved the plants this concentrate came from over the summer, making this a product we are extra-proud to showcase! 

Thanks to @EastAnd_Eye for the incredible clones and @GreenTruckExtracted3.0 for the perfect processing!

Bob Ross - Diamonds - OMG