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The OMG Team is proud to introduce you to our very own 0.5 Purple Orange Cartridges (95% Live Resin, 5% Organic-Cannabis Terp-Sauce)! This Sativa has been lab-tested and results show these carts contain 35.4% THC and 20.4% CBD, which have helped coin this as a perfect morning/day-time smoke for its high CBD content. Purple Orange is a citrusy strain sought after by many because of its beautifully uplifting cerebral high, which patients note as an incredibly focused and manageable experience. We highly recommend this strain to consumers looking for a balanced high, capable of relieving stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite. This delicious extract was processed by Port City Relief from fresh-frozen flower grown outdoor in organic living soil, cared for daily, and harvested by the OMG Team! Each pair of (2) 0.5g carts come packaged in a 100% recyclable, reclaimed ocean-plastic containers!

(2) 0.5g Purple Orange Live-Resin Carts - OMG