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Lemony Sniffets is a powerful cross between the Lemon Tree and Lemon Hash Plant strains, resulting in a flower that smells and tastes like someone just shook up a zesty lemon drop cocktail on a mountain top in spring. This lightly trimmed Hybrid works in incredible ways as initial tokes take your mind on a rocketing journey upwards into an energized high. This refreshing buzz pleasantly lingers as the mellowing body-high begins to settle in to completely balance the user's experience. Physically this soft, fluffy bud grinds and packs easily. We recommend this OMG-Approved strain to patients looking for a clean-tasting potent flower capable of reducing the stress of depression, headaches and lethargy. 


*Price reflects the lightly trimmed quality of the Flower*

1 Oz - Lemony Sniffets *SALE*

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