In order to supply you with our products,

a MEDICAL CARD is required by law.

Golden Retriever is a Hybrid strain suitable for just about everyone! GR was born from crossing the heavy-hitting Jew Gold (f.k.a. Kosher Kush) and the energizing Ultimate Chem SFV to create this welcoming and uniquely balanced flower. It has subtle notes of cream and pine that add to its delightful smooth smoke. We recommend this one to patients looking for a cartridge to keep you comfortably, happily elevated without any overwhelming high. 


Live resin carts provide many of the benefits of smoking cannabis flower, but are portable, discreet, and completely mess-free.  MCC’s live resin cartridges are filled with 100% live cannabis resin, with absolutely no additives.  They retain similar cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles to the cannabis flower it was extracted from, retaining many of the flavors, medicinal properties, and providing similar effects.   What’s not to love about convenient cannabis?

0.5g Golden Retriever Live Resin - Maine Craft Cannabis